RYA Competent Crew


The Competent Crew course is an ideal course for beginners or anyone with limited experience wanting to learn to sail. You will be taught basic seamanship and helmsmanship. During the 5 day Competent Crew course you will get a chance to steer, handle sails and be part of the crew. After the course you will have a taste to do more sailing and further your skills and experience and should have become a useful crewmember on board a sailing yacht.

The Competent Crew course is ideal for those who have already done some sailing but want to learn a bit more about crewing safely and using the correct techniques. The course is designed to help you become a safe and proficient crewmember whilst having fun out on the water and ashore.

You will be awarded a Competent Crew course certificate for completing this course.

After completing the Competent Crew course you will then be able to progress on to the Day Skipper theory and Day Skipper practical courses.

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